True Chivalry is Dead! An Essay on the Woeful State of Honor

True men of the realm of America, I beseech ye: rediscover thou’s chivalrous nature! For too long have I witnessed men going about dishonoring themselves by breaking their oaths of fealty and through acts most cowardly and vile! This plague upon our fair Republic must come to an end, therefore, I propose these following solutions, in an attempt to bring back chivalry to its proper place:

1. The restoring of horsemanship to its proper place in a gentleman’s education. As every true man knows, a page who is not comfortable ahorse before his eleventh nameday will never amount to naught but a poor rider, and is doomed to fare poorly in the lists and be a burden to his brothers on the field of battle. In order so that this ghastly fate can be avoided, we must call for the reinstitution of early childhood riding programs for all young knights of this realm, so that we might properly be prepared to fend off an invasion of the Muscovites or the Mohamedeans, if such is the will of God.

2. On the topic of our woeful unpreparedness, our collective skill of sword and lance leaves us too with much to be desired. Chivalrous behavior and honor are built on a cornerstone of martial prowess. Whatever other qualities a man may possess, he is no true knight unless he be a fierce warrior. Most boys these days would hardly know a quillon from a pommel, and put with there dreadful lack of equestrian talents would be as little use in battle as a suckling babe. This oversight in the education of our youths can no longer be overlooked! We need to teach our young men to look up to brave knights like Yvain, who it is said could smite men down the middle with a single blow, so strong was his swordarm, and not technological burghers like William de Gates, who not only utterly lack the proper warrior skills as befitting a true knight, but whose monopolistic and predatory practices are an insult to the Christian sense of morality and duty. Like the horse, we must again teach our young men the ways of the noble blade! (Some men today believe that skill with the firearm gives them a warrior spirit, however, the firearm is a peasants weapon, used by those too cowardly to face their foes in battle, and no knight would sully himself with the usage of one.)

3. Restoration of that proper Christian devotion among our martial classes. It is not sufficient to be called a true knight to be merely a strong of body or brave, however, and one must also posses a Christian spirit and countenance. Our young knights must be taught to be humble and pray often, and not aggrandize themselves as so many do in this day and age. For they must be taught to remember that their knighthood is not for themselves, but for the glory of God, that they are not just warriors, but milites Christi.

4. Restoration of proper devotion to our sworn lords. While upon this mortal plane, a knight’s highest calling is service. Of that service, second only to his duty to God and his earthly bride, the mother Church, is service to his lord, whomever that so may be. A knight’s lord provides him succor and houses him under his roof, whether that roof be of his own house or no. He is devoted to his knights like God to his children. In return for this devotion, a knight owes his lord everything, his life, supported by his lord, is his lords. Too often today have I seen men disregard this priceless boon, believing that honor and success came only from their own hands! This was the position of the usurious money-changers in the temple, who believed themselves wholly above righteous conduct simply because they had taken what they had not earned—thus they sinned double, once though usury, which is theft, and once through pride, which is the fall of man.

5. Honorable men these days do not treat each other with the proper degree of care and respect. In the days of the flower of chivalry, a knight would greet his brother after a long absence with a kiss to the mouth and tears of joy, as befitting such a happy reunion of brothers! However, these days if he were to do such a thing, if he were to show any affection towards his brothers and comrades, his most boon companions, they would mock him and brand him a catamite! Nor even may a man do something as simple as admire his brothers perfection and prowess of form! How might men be expected to fight and die together if they cannot even express their love and affection for their brothers without being accused of sin!

6. Today there has been much confusion lately regarding a true knights relationship to ladies. So-called advocates have calumnied the name of chivalry calling it mere courtesy. As if courtesy, as if courtesy was enough to discuss the nature of chivalric devotion and the mystery of love itself! Firstly, a true knight does not “protect“ noble ladies, as if they were in special need of some sort of protection. Why, a true knight himself looks to the Holy Mother of God, Queen of Heaven for his own protection! To be a true knight is to use your god given power to fight on behalf of all those in need of his arm, weather it be a cergyman of the blessed Church beset by bandits or a fair maiden whose wicked sister threatens to rob her of her rightful inheritance, or even a noble lord requiring the rescue his sons from the castle of his enemy. As for the love of ladies, a knight aims not for simple courtesy, but a knight devotes himself to his lady is if she were his lord! He is hers to do with as she will, and by this he displays his love and affection and justly wins hers.

My fellow Americans, at this moment true chivalry is dead, and this gross imitation parades with its face—but true chivalry can rise again, as did the body of God! Deus vult!

Written by your most humble Sir John de Piedmont, in the year of our lord 2014.

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